Initial Consultation

A meeting in our showroom will be arranged to better understand the client’s requirements and preferences. During this visit, a thorough discussion, materials review, and dimension analysis will be conducted.

Design & Planning

To create a customized wardrobe design, our architects will develop initial design concepts and detailed 3D renderings to visualize the design. Helping the client select materials, such as HPL, glass, acrylic, veneers, or ceramic. Lastly, request the clients’ approval and input.

Quotation & Agreement

Our team will prepare a detailed quotation covering all aspects of the project. Discuss the quotation with the client and make any necessary adjustments. Finalize the agreement and obtain the client’s signature.

Detailed Measurement & Production

To confirm exact proportions and complete design elements. There will be an in-depth re-measurement of the location, and any design modifications required due to the remeasurements will be made. Next, the team will get the client’s final approval of the design and materials to start with the precise production process.

Delivery & Installation

Our installation team will carefully package the wardrobe components to prevent damage during transport. The operations department will schedule and coordinate delivery to the client’s location, where our team will assemble and install the wardrobes.